15 July 2010
Book - The story of the League

Do you know?

  • When the League adopted the GHNL badge and when it became a Hospital badge?
  • When was the first League annual dinner?
  • Who organised the first post graduate lectures for nurses?
  • Which ward was designated as an Officers ward in WW1 and who was Sister Susie?
  • What happened to League member Elsie Gladstone in 1919?
  • The first Chairman of the League was a man?
  • Who was the first President of the League?
  • What brave act did League member Lilian Lang perform in 1934?
  • The year a nurse first became Chairman of the League and who it was?
  • Who was the first male member of the League?
  • Who was the last Matron to be Honorary Secretary?
  • In which year was there a vote to change the name of the League?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO! you need a copy of the Story of the League, a book about the League to be published in Sept/Oct 2010 at £9.99

Please contact the League Office on 0207 188 4123 or write to GHNL Office, West Wing, Guy's Hospital, Great Maze Pond, London SE1 9RT or email anthej@aol.com if you would like a copy.

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