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Thinking of all my Guy's friends and colleagues at this challenging time.
 Yesterday, 2nd January, marked fifty years since I, along with other members of the January 1971 set, started our nurse training at Guy's.
 A wonderful career, by no means over yet, and a wonderful foundation for it at Guy's. No regrets.
 Thank you to Nursing and to Guy's.


10 years on! - Guy's nurses event will NOT take place in 2021

it will be 10 years in 2020 since the last great League celebration. This feels like a landmark worth celebrating. If you are interested please let me know via this website on the guestbook page or by emailing GHNL2010@gmail.com. 

 Please also pass this on to all your friends and acquaintences. 

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Subject: Petition Professor Edward Byrne: Save Thomas Guy Statue.

THOMAS GUY UNDER THREAT - message from Celia Ede

You may have seen the news about various statues being taken down, both here and in the US.
I was concerned to hear that the statue of Thomas Guy may be under threat. I hear that this is because he made his money from the South Sea bubble.
However he used this money to provide a hospital for “ the sick incurables and lunatics “ , needed now as much as ever. His hospital has been loved and valued for almost 300 years, especially by the people of Bermondsey and The Borough.
And his statue is a symbol of inspiration and hope for all past and present students and staff at Guy’s.

Media reports say that Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust is reviewing whether or not the statue should be moved.
In my opinion, better to be moved than REMOVED, although I see no good reason why it should not stay where it is.
If moving is required, may I suggest that the statue goes to a place as near to the colonnade as possible, or perhaps in the Park ?

I will try to find out more about what is being proposed and pass on this information.
What do other Guy’s nurses think ?  I would love to hear your views. I may be contacted at.  celia.mansonede@btinternet.com


Dear Andi,

I feel compelled to write to you re. the statue.  I'm sure there are lots of Guy's nurses who object to it's proposed removal.  Is there any way we could start a petition to save it?  I think it is quite insulting to most of us who trained there and hate this bullying culture which has emerged in recent times.  I would be interested to know your thoughts.  I could contact all the Guy's nurses in Norfolk/Suffolk if that would help.

This group are now writing to Boris Johnson


Go to memories section for Trish Rees story of her time at Guy's with photos of the uniform 1965 - 71




Guy’s Statue. Foundation’s Decision 2021. See post below
Main points of Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation decision re Guy’s statue outlined in previous post below. (Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation Document September 2021 available on line)
Posted by Maureen Tunney on 03 January 2022
Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation document September 2021 available online
Search online for ‘Guy’s statue update’ to see the Foundation’s decision document.
Main Points
•The Foundation states that its decision making follows historic research and public consultation.
•The statues of both Thomas Guy and Sir Robert Clayton should be retained in the public realm.
•Thomas Guy’s statue should be moved to a less prominent location “ in the local area around Guy’s Hospital “
•Sir Robert Clayton’s statue at St Thomas’ Hospital should remain in its less prominent location.
•Information explaining how both men made their wealth, their contributions and their individual connections with the trade of enslaved people should be made more broadly available. Specialist consultants have been commissioned to lead the development of interpretative material intended to accompany each statue and online.
•Legal advice indicates that achieving permission to move Thomas Guy’s statue is very unlikely in the short to medium term due to present planning legislation and political sentiment. In addition, access to the statue is presently prevented due to a Covid 19 vaccination centre occupying its current location.

Posted by Maureen Tunney on 03 January 2022
Protect the title Nurse update 02/01/22
The campaign to protect the title Nurse continues as the petition came to its six month time limit in December with 33,488 signatures.
In November MPs voted 304 to 240 against an amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill to protect the title Nurse in UK law.
However, the nurse behind the campaign, Professor Alison Leary, said work to secure the required changes in legislation is pushing ahead through working with parliamentarians and the regulator.
Posted by Maureen Tunney on 02 January 2022
Guy’s Hospital Nurses’ League 1900-2010 by Andie Howard
I’ve recently enjoyed reading the story of the
league and know I’ll go back to it again
and again.
This book is a treasure of information,
beautifully woven into a narrative that
understands the interest of the reader as
much as the importance of the events.
Posted by Maureen Tunney on 07 September 2021
Protect the title Nurse in UK law petition
Petition created by Professor Alison Leary RN
The title nurse can be used by anyone in the UK.
They can use this term to offer professional advice and services even if they have no professional qualification, experience or have been struck off a professional register.
To protect the public, the title nurse should be restricted to those who are registered with professional regulators such as Registered Nurses and Dental Nurses.
This would be the same as titles such as paramedic and physiotherapist, which are limited to those on the professional registers

Anyone can sign the petition as long as they are a British citizen or UK resident.
To sign-
Search for UK Parliament Petitions
Select Open Petitions
Enter Nurse in search box
Closing date 14/12/21
Posted by Maureen Tunney on 16 July 2021
For some background information you may like to read this article
“What is a nurse? Baffling number of job roles leaves patients and colleagues confused” by Professor Alison Leary
Search for -
guardian what is a nurse alison leary

Also, the RCN press release of 09/06/21 re it’s call for the end of the growing practice of employing those without registered nurse qualifications into registered nursing posts.
Search for-
Nursing workforce crisis leads to risky recruitment practice rcn

Posted by Maureen Tunney on 19 July 2021
September 2021 is the centenary of Nurse registration in the UK.

Ethel Gordon Fenwick campaigned for thirty years to achieve this goal.

Signing this petition takes less than five minutes.

Our responsibility now.
Posted by Maureen Tunney on 09 September 2021
Andrea Sutcliffe Chief Executive NMC “One aspect we really want to pursue is that the title nurse is currently not protected” “I believe it is essential we have the right protected titles and associated enforcement powers to take effective action to protect the public”
Nursing Times 01/09/21

Ruth May CNO for England
“I am supportive of protecting the nurse title”
Nursing Times 15/10/21

Charlotte McArdle CNO for Northern Ireland
“Time and again nursing is recognised as the most trusted profession with nurse synonymous with patient safety. It’s therefore important for society and for nurses themselves that the title of ‘nurse’ is protected”
Nursing Times 15/10/21

Please consider giving your support by signing this petition.
Search for protect nurse title uk
To date 26/10/21 there are 30,167 signatures. Closing date 14/12/21
Posted by Maureen Tunney on 26 October 2021
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